The Emaan Foundation has pledged 10 Homes to support Human Appeal in the Homes For Syria Appeal

Syria has seen a decade of death and displacement. Over 500,000 people killed and 6.7 million people still displaced across Syria, having fled bombs and attacks on their towns. Let’s give them somewhere to finally call home again.

The quality of current living conditions of millions of Syrian IDPs (internally displaced people) is completely inadequate and unsustainable. Meanwhile, huge numbers of IDP’s have been provided with shelters that lack proper bathing and cooking facilities, have insufficient space and are at risk of flooding, fire and being exposed to harsh weathers with no privacy.

This project will finally enable Syrian people to have a place to call home, where they can begin to build a better future insha’Allah.

For £2,000 you can provide a displaced family of 5 in Syria with a brick house consisting of 2 bedrooms, foyer, bathroom, kitchen, electricity, clean water and all the utilities.

Raised: £10,000
Goal: £20,000