Who We are

In 2006 Nas Khan established a registered Teesside based charity, The Emaan Foundation. This was as a result of the earthquake that shook Kashmir in Northern Pakistan. An event was held at a local venue in Middlesbrough & with the help of local businesses, family & friends we managed to raise £30,000. This was donated to various projects taking place in the areas worst affected by the earthquake.

When the disaster took place in Pakistan, Mr Khan like many people was very much affected by what he saw & heard in the media & the plight of the families, especially the children. This was the main force behind setting up this charity, in order to help in any way that he could.

However, one of Mr Khan’s personal goals is to open an orphanage in Pakistan. He feels that he wants to do that when he retires.

Mr Khan is the Managing Director of a North East based business (Jennings Group, which Retail Motor Vehicles) employing over 500 people, who is committed to helping children & their family caught up in such disasters through no fault of their own.

Jennings Group has always been involved in local community charity work & has made many donations over the years to local charities & schools

When fundraising for disasters, the Emaan Foundation endeavours to partner with an established charity that has representatives on the ground in the affected areas. Any aid would then be distributed by that charity directly to those affected. Therefore, you can be sure that any donation you make will get to those that desperately need it.