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Alocal businessman who has reached a £120,000 fundraising target he set more than four and a half years ago to help the flood-stricken victims of Pakistan, has launched a second appeal on a recent visit to his native land.

Devoting his spare time tofundraising for the appeal has paid off for Pakistan born, Nas Khan, managingdirector of north east-based Jennings Motor Group and founder of registeredcharity, The Emaan Foundation, with the grand target total of £120,000 having now been raised.

Nas Khan, said; “I amabsolutely delighted and overwhelmed that we have reached the fundraisingtarget and I would like to thank everyone who has contributed and donated tothe charity and appeal, from family, friends and work colleagues to localbusinesses, schools and colleges, the support and generosity has beenabsolutely incredible.”

Working in conjunction withinternational aid organisation, Human Appeal, to date, money raised hascontributed towards the purchase of life-saving water purifiers, which weredistributed in the immediate aftermath of the disaster in 2010, and theconstruction of a brand new village, which has been named ‘The Emaan Village’for the people of Rahim Yar Khan, south of Punjab.

Nas regularly travels toPakistan with representatives from Human Appeal International, to see theprogress and the people he has helped in the new village. 

Nas added: “A real communityis developing in the village, which is lovely to see considering the sheerdevastation following the floods more than four years ago.”

In addition to constructing atotal of 60 homes, there is also livestock and a deep tube well providing cleanwater has been installed to make the village self-sufficient.

Not resting on his laurels, MrKhan, has set himself another goal – to further improve the lives of people inThe Emaan Village by raising funds to build a health centre.

Nas went on to say; “Currentlypeople in the village are having to travel hundreds of miles to receive medicaltreatment, having a health centre on site will not only be convenient, but itwill also offer peace of mind to residents.”

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Date published: 01 Apr 2015

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